3rd Section of Wychwood Way Walk 15 October 2019. From Lidstone to Chadlington approx 5 miles

9 Members left Carterton to meet 5 more members at Lidstone (these 5 had left cars at Chadlington, the end of the walk, and then 1 car transported the drivers to Lidstone ).

We were extremely appreciative of the Farm Manager allowing us to park at Stone Farm, otherwise we would have had to walk a further 1.5 miles on a very steep narrow road to park our cars. We left Stone Farm which had  a horse exercise barn and  a  circular horse exerciser. We saw horses in several fields.  For approx the next 3 miles it was over farmland which was slippery and muddy in places.  A causeway over the river Glyme was flooded but we managed to walk through/round this.  Next we followed the river, through a field of cattle and they certainly entertained us with a “Cow Choir”), Sorry!  After this it was a very gradual climb on a section of the Saltway to the Chipping Norton – Charlbury road. This section of road walking was approx a quarter of a mile; then turning onto another minor road for about half a mile.  The last stretch of this section of the walk was on a lane, this is where we  had a very low helicopter for our “Flypast” of the day.  The views from here were panoramic and beautiful, as they had been on our journey from Carterton.  The weather was dull but dry and then as we headed back to Carterton turned to sunshine.  Thank you to the car drivers, it is not an easy task getting cars in the right place at the right time.  Also, the remainder of the walkers have to be very patient while this takes place.  The next long walk will be on 19th November, the Wychwood Way from Chadington to Ascott-under-Wychwood.  Pam

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