Ascott under Wychwood – Chilson Circular Walk

6/7 miles on 8th December 2020

6 members met at Ascott u Wychwood on a very cold and foggy morning. Had to get the de-icer and scraper out to clear the windscreen of the ice.

Keeping socially distanced we enjoyed a walk through woods, muddy field paths and on quiet roads.

Towards the start of the walk it was just like walking through a winter wonderland with frost on the trees, hedgerows and pathways, swirling in a light mist and fog.

The fog did clear to bring some sunshine and blue skies.

It was a really refreshing walk, the chatter was nonstop and we didn’t seem to notice the mud and undulations.  It was good to catch up with Iain and Ann who we hadn’t seen since the first lock down in March.

Thank you to Iain and Ann for leading the walk. Pam

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