Short Walk 17th March 2020 – Shilton-Carterton Circular

In line with  the government guidelines we were still able to take exercise by walking.  We didn’t use cars, kept our distance from each other and wore a pair of washable gloves.  The terrain was amazingly dry and the weather was very kind to us.  Daffodil’s’, blossom and spring flowers round the route were beautiful.  We passed a garden where a lot of imagination had gone into their thoughts for displaying flowers (see photo).  The ford at Shilton had been cleaned out and looked picturesque.  A large house and trees at the top of Kilkenny Land have been demolished and is now a building site. At the end of the walk we gave refreshments a miss and went our separate ways home.  It was good to be able to get out in the fresh-air.  If we are able to we will do this walk again.  Pam

Walk at Blenheim Estate 10th March 2020

Once again we took advantage of walking round Blenheim Estate which is on tarmacked roads. 5 other favourites to walk had all been deemed unsuitable for walking due to floods or deep thick mud.  It was a pleasant morning when 11 members left Carterton to drive to Woodstock where Iain and Anne were waiting to join us.  The grounds round the lake look so very different as a large number of trees have been felled and were all neatly sitting in piles by the lake.  We were all pleased to blow the cobwebs away in the fresh air. There were the usual geese and ducks round the lakes; a swan nesting and a group of rabbits having fun jumping round a tree stump.  Numerous helicopters passed overhead. Refreshments in the tea rooms were enjoyed as well as a good natter.  Our next walk will be on 14th April and hopefully by then the ground will be drier.  Thank you to the car drivers. Pam

Cycle Ride Tuesday 3rd March 2020

5 members for this ride.  It was dull, cool morning with a light breeze. The chosen route was Alvescot, Bampton, Brize Norton, Carterton circular.  The ride was enjoyable and uneventful.  However, it was colourful with all the spring flowers and blossom.  The gateway to and through the village of Alvescot was a picture of yellow daffodils along the side of the road.  Refreshments were taken at Humble Bumble, Brize Norton; as we reached the café a lovely rainbow appeared in the sky.  Leaving Brize Norton we made our way back to Carterton via by-roads and paths due to the Brize Norton to Carterton road being closed.  Our next ride will be on Tuesday 7th April.  Pam

Discussion Group

It was good to see those members that were able to make it yesterday and to welcome some new members.

Just as a reminder and for information for those that weren’t able to come, we have arranged two further dates, 19th March and 16th April.  We will start at 2p.m but can continue for longer than an hour if we need it for our discussion. The topic for the March meeting will be announced nearer the date. Kathy

New Group – Fun Games

The first session of Fun Games has taken place and went extremely well with lots of laughter and fun. The next session will be on Friday 13th March in The Town Hall from 2pm – 4pm. Future meetings will be held on the 2nd Friday of the month. All welcome. Janice

History Group February 2020 Meeting

The February meeting took place 2.30 in the W.I. Hall and 11 members were present. Six members gave talks on historical subjects they were interested in. The first talk was on one of the hidden rivers of London. Once open to view and stretching over the whole area and now underground with very few parts seen. The most famous was the Tyburn which ran from two sources both in Hampstead Heath and runs through from there across London to Pimlico finally coming out into the Thames. All London lost rivers, nearly 20 mostly underground, have now been built over. The second talk was how Carterton evolved by way of maps from the early late 18th century ones showing how this area looked like to the present day. The talk began by relating how the Dukes of Marlborough owned all the land and due to financial difficulties sold the land and farmhouse to a Mr Arkell who sold it on to William Carter in 1900. The maps displayed showed the plots for sale and how more roads were added to the farm ones as more people moved in. From a hamlet of a few houses to the large town today with the added estate of Shilton Park and soon another one of Brize Meadows. The third talk was on Marie Curie who was born in Poland and at an early age interested in Science. She went to Paris to study at the Sorbonne and got a degree in Physics and Maths. She married a fellow student Pierre Curie and they worked together researching and found a new element and then another they called Radium. Together they won a Nobel Prize for Physics. When Pierre died, she continued to research Radium as a means of treating cancer.  She was awarded another Nobel prize for Chemistry and a Marie Curie Hospital was opened in London in 1930. She died 1934 of radiation poisoning and a charity was set up to care for terminally ill patients with cancer in her name. The Bayeux Tapestry was the theme for the next talk which was made of 9 panels of embroidery and 58 scenes depicting the end of England’s Anglo-Saxon realm and William of Normandy’s invasion of England making himself king. There are no documents telling who made it but it is thought by a religious house in Canterbury. We heard next of Witney’s first police station which is still to be seen by the entrance to Henry Box school. The Police Force was formed in 1857 and the police station was built in 1860, the architect was William Wilkinson who also designed Lew Church, the Randolph Hotel in Oxford and other buildings including the Rock Farm cottages seen at the entrance of Lawton Avenue. Staying with Witney the next talk was on the Early family of Witney and their connection with Woodford Mill. The family were cobblers and makers of leather goods until in the 1600’s Richard Early working for his father visited Witney and lodged in Corn St and eventually marrying his landlord’s daughter. His son became apprenticed to Mr Silman as an apprentice in his blanket weaving business and eventually became a Master Weaver. Woodford Mill was originally a medieval cloth fulling mill and by the 19th century had been taken over by the Early family whose blankets became famous the world over.


Buckland – Littleworth circular walk Tuesday 18th February 2020

“A group of eight intrepid stalwarts left Buckland to walk a 6 mile circular via Littleworth on Tuesday 18th. The way was surprisingly dry with re markedly little mud given recent weather. It was very windy at times but at least the rain didn’t start until we were nearly back in Carterton. Thanks to all that walked and we did miss Pam who was stuck in doors doing her civic duty!” Ian. Photos from Jan.

I know it is a lovely walk and sorry to have missed it. Thank you all for your support. Pam

Short Walk 11th February 2020 – Lechlade – Approx 3 Miles

As we gathered for our walk the sun was shining but the wind was bitter.  21 walkers made their way to Lechlade for a short  made up walk which was flat and quite dry underfoot.  We had only walked a short distance when there was a small snow flurry, thankfully it didn’t last long.  The walk was basically on pavements, round two fields and on a metalled surface.  Lechlade Garden Centre was on our route and so we all went into the café and bought hot drinks and  cakes/scones etc.  Leaving the Garden Centre we walked alongside a stream with the sunshine glistening on the water; and an abundance of snowdrops and spring flowers in the gardens gardens and hedgerows.  We were soon back at our cars  suitably refreshed and glowing from the breeze.  Thank you to car drivers.  Our next short walk is on 10th March 2020.

Environment Group February meeting

On Monday 3rd of February 4 members of the group went down to the ‘waste’ ground by the old bedding store and collected 5/Five bags of glass/plastic bottles, tin cans and general rubbish in about 1hr. Our thanks to the Council for the tools and bags.
Ian Wright

At our next meeting Ashley Smith from Windrush Against Sewage Polution {WASP] will give us a talk . This will be on Monday 2nd March at 1-30pm in the T/Hall.