Beacon is an online system used by many U3A groups around the country to simplify the process of membership management. It is fully compliant with current GDPR regulations. Carterton U3A have been using the system since 1st April 2019.

If you know your membership number and you have an email address then you are welcome to login to the Members Portal. Here you can view and amend the information held by the group.

For members only – to view your record, the calendar and group information. Click on the green link below

See also this article for advice

If you have problems accessing the portal please contact Website Support via this link

The picture below shows the screen you will see when you click on Members Portal. Note that you will also need to use the email address you have given us, if you have not given us an email address you cannot use the system. If you have provided us with a name to be used instead of your normal forename this can be used in the forename field, e.g. If your forename is Robert, but you are known as Bob this may be used. We have found that your Surname must start with a capital letter followed by all lowercase letters. We often send out an email asking you to register for a meeting, this email includes login details. You must enter them exactly as sent (quite often it is easier to copy and paste the items).

Some devices add a blank at the end of a name, or remove the blank from the post code, both these actions will cause the login to fail.