Bowls Club Update

A slow start to the Winter Campaign, two losses, and a draw in the Wednesday League, and a growth in numbers in the Thursday Open Session, with one new player joining. We average 8 to 10 players on a regular basis.

I try to make the Sessions enjoyable by mixing, and matching people of all abilities to get even sides.

I can already see an improvement in our Members Standards over this last year, and given time, and practice, believe that we will become a very proficient side.

Everyone that attends takes the Game very seriously, has a winning attitude, our only handicap being inflexibility, and maybe eyesight due to age, however with determination we will succeed.

Yes, it is only a Game, but an enjoyable Game that we all want to win, if it was that easy everyone would be a great player, or get bored quickly!! That is the beauty of the beast!!

Roger Oliver

Group Leader 212780

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