Bowls Group Update

Many moons ago Ken Gillians, a stalwart U3A Member, thought that as a keen Carterton Bowls player to introduce the game to the other U3A Members. He conceived the idea to contact the Club Committees, and arrange a Thursday Morning session, this was readily accepted by both organisations, and the Bowls Group was started, with Ken as Group Leader.

Carterton Bowls Club has six outdoor, and two indoor rinks to County Standard, with approximately 70/120 Members Summer/Winter mix. Many local Clubs use the Winter facility, and there is a Bar, and other Social events that take place.

As Standards improved, it was decided to enter a U3A Team in the Wednesday afternoon League, to enable this a total of Nine U3A Members joined the Bowls Club ( A prerequisite), as Full Members, this than affords them the opportunity to play in other Leagues, Friendlies, and Competitions.

To date the side is very competitive, and everyone appears to enjoy themselves, the Thursday Morning training session has also  proved popular, and given this extra “Mat” time the standards of play are improving. We  have a regular 8 to 15 U3A Members that play, and I  have sought, and been granted the permission of the Carterton Committee to carry forward the weekly Thursday Morning session to the Outdoor Rinks.

The Carterton Bowls Club has been very good in letting our Members use their Bowls, and Shoes for trial purposes, and a decision can be made at a later date to purchase their own if they want to seriously take up the sport. As with all Ball games if you have the eye/arm coordination, it becomes an addictive game, and so simple in the rule of getting your Wood  closest to the Jack. It is also a game whereby you can play as little or often as you like, and to whatever level you chose, if you have the ability, and determination, anything is achievable.

Not an over strenuous game, it gives people the opportunity with the walking, and bending to exercise in a sensible way, it is quite amazing the distance that you cover in a two hour session. Hopefully through this short presentation, we can encourage other U3A Members to give it a go, you never know you just might enjoy it!! All the necessary details are shown on screen at the regular monthly meetings, and we accept all U3A Members that are not necessarily Carterton based.

Roger Oliver – Group Leader

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