Buckland Walk 6 miles circular on 21st December 2021

On the shortest day of the year 9 members met in Carterton and Buckland for this walk.  It was a dull day but dry. Several members had not done this walk before so was more interesting for them.  Although muddy in places it is one of the less muddy walks in winter.

During the first 200 yards we saw a buzzard, apart from this the only animals we saw were dogs, taking their masters for a walk!  It was a pleasant walk with lots of time for catching up.  We had a drink and snack stop in the village of Littleworth. Arriving back in Buckland we changed our shoes and 6 of us went to Bampton Garden Centre for refreshments.  

There may be a walk on New Years Day; if there is I will email you all.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy and Healthy New Year – Pam

If you have not sent in your menu choice for January 11th, please let me have this by 31st December. Hopefully this will still go ahead but we will follow Government Guidelines.

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