Burford, Widford, Swinbrook, Capps Lodge, Fulbrook circular walk 20th March 2018. 6 miles

Today’s walk was an alternative to the advertised walk.  This was due to inclement weather conditions and not having enough cars for the planned linear walk.

The walk itself started from Burford. Leaving Burford via Witney Street, we walked along the pavements until we came to the footpath leading over the fields, alongside the river bank to Widford.  The river was quite high and flowing quickly.  It was quite muddy in places and part of the field was underwater.  Reaching Widford we headed for St Oswald’s Church which is situated alongside a footpath, in the middle of a field.  The walk continued up through a valley to a road.   A short road walk followed until we joined a lane taking us over fields to Swinbrook and past Paynes Farm.   We were now heading in the direction of Capps Lodge.  Next to the Lodge, two brothers of the highwaymen (Tom, Dick and Harry) were gibbeted from an oak tree and left to rot.  The tree still stands today.  The walk had been undulating to this point, but now it was all downhill into Fulbrook.  We all looked a few inches taller from the build-up of mud on our boots. We decided to take the road back into Burford.  After changing our shoes, coffee and cakes were enjoyed in the new church hall.  Thank you to the car drivers.  Our next long walk will be on 17th April when we hope to resume walking the Oxfordshire Way (penultimate section).  Pam

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