Cycle Ride 4th December 2018

On a frosty morning, with the sun shining 3 of us met for the cycle ride.  Ian was joining us for the first time since his operation, and so a short ride was planned.  We rode along Burford / Shilton Roads,  through Swinbrook Park, down Kilkenny Lane, Monahan Way and Brize Norton Road back to the Town Centre and Huffkins.  A hot beverage and a natter completed a lovely morning.  Pam

Cycle Ride 6th November 2018

On a very pleasant morning there were four ladies for this ride. Without hesitation we agreed to cycle to Bampton Plant Centre.  We took the route through Brize Norton and then to Bampton; this also was our return route.    We admired the poppy displays in Brize Norton and apart from a helicopter and 1 aeroplane it was a very peaceful ride.  At the garden centre we chose our favourite beverage and two had scones, and ate this as we put the world to rights.  Thank you ladies for your company.

Our next ride will be on Tuesday 4th December. Pam

Cycle Ride 7th September 2018

Four of us gathered on a a  cooler blowy day and were pleased that it would be a nicer cycling day after the heat of the summer days….  The sun was still shining though.
Decided on Clanfield as a couple of us needed to be back and gave the lovely cinnamon buns as the cafe there a miss. 
Lovely cycle at a leisurely pace and went round to Bampton road and cut off back to Black Bourton.   Loads of blackberries still out and the summer berries still very evident.  The path around the runway still as bumpy but we were all fine!!
Coffee and cake at Hacketts . Really nice morning.  See you next time Pam. 
Janet Worth 

Cycle Ride 7th August 2018

5 members managed to complete the cycle ride before the weather became too hot.  Our route today was by leaving Carterton along the Alvescot Road, Kencot, Broadwell and then to Clanfield. Blakes café was our coffee stop, you should have seen the size of the cinnamon buns! delicious to.  It was good to have a good natter as not all the 5 regulars had been able to make all of the last few rides.  Leaving Clanfield we headed towards Bampton and then took a turning to Black Bourton.  From here it was round the airfield perimeter and back into Milestone Road; from here we all went separate ways back to our homes.  There was very little wildlife, except for 3 Shetland ponies.  We had our normal fly past!  Our next ride will be on Tuesday 4th September at 0930.  Ian will be leading this ride. Pam

Cycle Ride 3rd July 2018

It was a Ladies line-up this morning.  There was a breeze which helped make it feel cooler.As we didn’t have a rescue back-up in place, in case of a puncture, we kept to the lanes, cycle paths in and around Carterton.  We were cycling for about 80 minutes and so this was still good exercise.  We were unable to get a coffee at  our chosen café due to a boiler malfunction, but at our 2ndchoice we were able to purchase drinks and have a good natter. Thank you for your company Ladies. Our next cycle ride is on Tuesday 3rdAugust at 0930.  Pam

Cycle Ride 5th June 2018

This morning 5 of us gathered for a ride.  It was quite cool but we knew that we would soon warm up once we started pedalling. We decided to go to Bampton Plant centre, (more than one’s) favourite refreshment stop.  The ride there was enjoyable without any problems.  Arriving at the plant centre we were pleasantly surprised to see a new covered bicycle stand.  Entering the café, food and drinks were ordered and we sat and chatted over these. When we got back to the bike shed we found that Pam’s bike had a flat tyre. The tyre was pumped up and stayed inflated long enough to ride into Bampton square.  By this time, it was flat again, so the rest of the members cycled home, and Ian very kindly rescued me in his car.  The bike went into the repair shop for a new inner tube (the 2ndin 3 weeks).  On collection I was told that it was a faulty one that had previously been fitted. 

Saw some cuties whilst waiting to be rescued.

Thank you famous five for your concern and taking part in the ride.   Next ride is on 3rdJuly.  Pam

Cycle Ride Tuesday 1st May 18

6 cyclists met for the ride on a bright, sunny morning but a little chilly.

We decided that Bampton Plant Centre would be our destination for refreshments.

We cycled round the perimeter, through Black Bourton and Bampton village to the Garden Centre.

Scones were the most popular which were served warmed.

Our route back to Carterton was via Brize Norton.

It was a lovely cycle ride, plenty of chatter and laughter.

Thank to the cyclists  for joining me.  Our next ride will be on Tuesday 5th June, 0930 from the Factory shop car park.  Pam

Cycle Ride 3rd April 18

Earlier in the morning it had been raining, so it was a shall we, shan’t we decision. It was just 4 ladies for this ride. We decided to go ahead with the ride.  Because of laying surface water and potholes which were not visible through the puddles we decided that we would stay in Carterton and ride some of the cycle-ways and side roads.  After approx 30 mins into our ride the heavens opened but fortunately we were in a position to shelter for a while and stood and had a natter and laugh.  Once the rain had stopped we were back on our bicycles again to continue our ride.  After 10 minutes it started to rain again, this time we continued our ride back into town and went for a hot drink, no cakes today!  Our next ride will be on Tuesday 1st May 0930 from the Factory shop car park.  Pam

Cycle Ride 6th March 2018

We were fortunate that we were able to have a ride after the recent bad weather. Pam had been for a drive round our normal routes to check the roads and we found the road through Alvescot to Clanfield was clear of snow, but full of craters; So this was our route. At Clanfield we called into the café for our elevenses. Two had large cinnamon buns and two refrained. We sat and had a good natter and then retraced our tracks back into Carterton.

Our next cycle ride will be on 3rd April starting at 0930 from the Factory Shop car park.   Pam

Cycle Ride 6th February 2018

After the last 2 months when our rides were cancelled due to bad weather, 5 riders braved frost and light snow for the cycle ride. We agreed to cycle to Bampton Plant centre where we know there are always nice scones (our favourite ). Once we had started to move it didn’t feel cold and we all thought the ride was very refreshing and easy. The refreshments were welcomed and enjoyed. Going back to our cycles we found we had the first puncture since the group first began. Unfortunately, even with all the equipment we carry, we were unable to mend the puncture. Ian who is our fastest cyclist rode ahead and collected his car, returned to Bampton and was able to pick up Steve and his bike and take him home. A most enjoyable morning. Our next ride will be on 6th March. Pam