Fun with Wine Group

We had two birthdays to celebrate this month, Elaine and Jeans, so we had some Champagne and other Sparkling wines before starting the wine group meeting proper. Roll on the next birthdays to celebrate.

Fun with Wine Group May meeting

Our May meeting was hosted by Gill and Roger who had recently returned from a holiday in Uzbekistan. So guess what, we were served with two white, two red plus a Firewater 45% finishing off spirit…….. plenty of good sensible conversation and company at the start of the meeting, surprisingly good comments about the wine even if only 10% alcohol, not sure how it ended. We normally learn about the wine from the label but this month we had translation problems ….. can anyone speak Uzbekistan? See photo of label.Martin McBride

Fun with Wine Outing


The Fun with Wine Group set off early doors from the Beehive heading for the Three Choirs Vineyard in Gloucestershire for a wine tasting and lunch.
Despite Carmen’s gallant attempt to make a Cotswolds Autumn day look like a Tuscany summer, the weather on the day was definitely on the chilly side.
We had a very knowledgeable guide who showed us around the winery and topped up our glasses as we went. Of particular interest was the sparkling wine process which turns out to be accompanied by a satisfying pop for each bottle filled.
We then headed for the restaurant and attempted to decimate the local wild boar population, fulfilling a special request from Gill’s sister.
As we are the original Wine Group, several bottles of wine were criticised praised and consumed along with the usual friendly banter.
The day was topped off by our cheerful driver who was happy to do a scenic tour around Carterton distributing the group back to their residences.

Wine Group July 2017

Another excellent afternoon of wine, nibbles and chat. Wine provided by Lorna, nibbles supplied by Lorna, chat supplied by all!

The wines were chosen by the artistic nature of their labels but all agreed that “Rex Mundi” sourced from Laithwaites was an excellent wine.

Thanks again to Gill & Roger for hosting us.