Gardening Group November

his  months meeting will be on Wednesday 28th November in the Town Hall at 2pm.  It will be a pre Christmas  get together with a small easy quiz.  Tea and Coffee will be provided but any nibbles you care to bring will be gratefully received
I hope to have some 2019 dates by then. Ann

Gardening Group Visit Chevil Gardens

Today 15 of us visited Chevil Gardens near Chipping Norton and we all agreed they were the best gardens we had visited with this garden group!  Amazing.  Our hosts, Mr and Mrs Sword were a delight and showed us around explaining how the garden grew during the years they have been there. The colors were wonderful and the trees magnificent, it really was a wow! moment when we saw it laid before us. After a walk round we were given a very nice tea and yummy biscuits.  

Dont worry those of you that missed it as I am booking it for May next year as Mrs Sword says the spring colour and magnolias are wonderful.  I know those of us that went today will definitely want to return.

Next months visit is to be at Waterperry gardens on September 19th ( early as I am on holiday the week after)  We are to see the fine display of asters and Michaelmas daisies.   No numbers required for this visit as no set tea.  There is a very nice cafe though for refreshment of your choice.  We shall  meet there at 2pm.  Anyone wanting to car share or convoy let me know and we will meet at the usual car park for 1pm.

Gardening Group update

Last months visit went very well and 17 of us went to White Hill Farm in Widford on yet another hot sunny day.  Some of us had a job getting there because of an overturned hay lorry but we did eventually all make it.  We were welcomed by the owners who like the rest of us were bemoaning the fact of no rain.  This led to a very dry and dusty garden but still a joy to walk round and some lovely sheltered spots to rest in.  The views were tremendous and were framed by lovely trees and shrubs.  Our Hostess provided us with delicious tea/coffee and home made cakes which we had in nice shady spots in the garden.

This month we are going to Chivel Farm Gardens which is near Chipping Norton.  We are going on Wednesday August 29th at 2pm.  As usual you can travel alone or meet in the usual car park for lift sharing at 13.30 hrs.  The cost of visit and refreshment is £7.50.  £5.00 is for the NGS charity and £2.50 is for the local church fund.

As usual I would really appreciate it if you could let me know if you are interested in coming ASAP so I can give numbers nearer the time of going.  The postcode for the farm is OX7 5TR

A quick reminder that the September meeting is one week earlier on the 19th September when we are going to Waterperry gardens to see displays of Asters and Michaelmas daisies.  No numbers needed for this as we can visit the cafe there without booking.  Again either meet there at 2pm or the usual car park in Carterton at 13.15hs.



Gardening Group – Visit to Denton

July saw 16 members enjoying a wonderful summers afternoon in a beautiful garden in Denton, just out side Garsington.  The garden was Denton house and is only open on NGS days or to private parties such as ourselves.  

The garden is a fine mixture of plantings,. topiary and mature trees.  We were lucky enough to see the flowers of the Tulip tree and the Ginkgo tree, both are not common in this country.

We were shown round the garden by Kevin the gardener.  He was a really nice man and his delight in his garden was obvious and of course he was very knowledgeable.  The lady of the house was the delightful Waveney, I know, unusual name.  She made us all welcome and provided us with a proper afternoon tea including cucumber sandwiches, it was all really good and everyone agreed it was a very good visit. 

I would advise anyone to watch out for the opening days with NGS as  it is well worth a visit.

This months visit on July 25th 2pm where we are booked in to see Widford farm gardens.  This is a very local one so either meet there at 2pm or the Carterton car park for shared lifts at 1.30pm. These gardens have wonderful views over the Windrush Valley   The visit with tea and cake is £6.

Please can anyone interested let me know ASAP so that I can send them numbers attending.  Ann

Gardening Group visit to Burford and information for June’s meeting

As you see from the photos, 12 members enjoyed a really lovely afternoon visiting 5 Burford gardens.  They were all different and even the ones we saw last year had been changed this year and gave us much inspiration.  Our hosts this year Mr and Mrs Cohen provided a scrumptious cream tea in their beautiful garden.  We all enjoyed it very much.

This month we are due to go to Denton House gardens on Wednesday 27th June.  This is a large walled garden with plenty of shaded areas if we have another heat wave.  There are topiary. rose beds and herbaceous borders for us to enjoy.

The price is £10.00 a person for the visit, tea/coffee and home made cakes.

I will have to inform our hosts with numbers so if you could let me know of any interest ASAP that would be good and definite numbers by 21st June.

We will meet at Carterton car park 1pm for lift share or 2pm at the venue.  The postcode is OX44 9JF.  

Gardening Group visit Cerney House Gardens

17 members enjoyed a really good visit to Cerney House Gardens for the April visit.  We were met by the owner Janet who explained that she and her husband had inherited the house and garden 18 months ago.  The lady who owned it before had been ill for some time and the gardens were neglected somewhat.  Since moving in Janet and her husband have worked hard to get the gardens looking good again and they have done a wonderful job.  The walled garden is a joy, there are also ornamental lawns, rose gardens and nature walks in the woods.  Dogs are allowed on leads.

After a good walk round, in the sunshine! we all met up in the cafe where we sat on the terrace  drinking tea and coffee and eating homemade cake, made by Janet herself, very yummy.

Definitely one to go back to during the seasons.  Ann

Gardening Group Update

Our March visit to Lime Close house and garden did happen even though I had a lot of people cancelling through ill health, appointments etc. The rain did not help as it was raining heavily right up to the last minute but I cast my magic again, eleven of us enjoyed a lovely sunny walk through a wonderful mature garden.  The trees were magnificent and our host certainly knew much about them.  A lot had been cultivated by herself  from her extensive travels around the world, a very interesting lady who knew all the correct latin names for everything.  Needless to say most of that went straight over my head.  The sun continued to shine while we had our coffee and cakes outside in a sheltered area.  On the way home it sleeted! the magic only lasts so long.  

Because of the time of year and the bad winter we have had there was not much floral colour but the garden is open with NGS in June and I think it would be a good one to visit.


Our April visit is to CERNEY HOUSE GARDENS  on Wednesday April 25th at 2pm.  The address is North Cerney GL7 7BX.

Once again this promises to be a lovely garden and we have a visit with tea and home made cakes for £10.00

I have spoken to our host this morning and he informs me there is plenty of parking at the top of the gardens.  We do have a slight incline to the gardens but if anyone struggles with it we can take them down to the house and collect afterwards.  The actual gardens are wheelchair friendly so easy enough to walk   around. 

The same arrangement as always, either meet at the venue or the car park for lift share at 1pm

Please let me know as soon as you can whether you hope be attending this visit.  The deadline for cancelling will be Friday 20th April.  After this I may have to ask for payment if the host charges for it.

Hopefully see lots of you on the visit.


Gardening Groups News

Well what a wash out the February visit was, or wasn’t actually.  I was so sorry to cancel but everyone agrees it was the best decision including our host who looks forward to possibly seeing us later in the year.

I am sure like me you are all heartily fed up with this winter and our fingers itch to get out into the gardens again.

All being well the March visit promises to be something special.  We are going to MCL garden design Lime Close, 35 Henleys Lane Drayton OX14 4HU

Our host is a garden designer who trained at Waterperry and has designed many exciting gardens.  Please see her web site for information on her and her garden and show rooms.  I am sure she will have lots of good ideas for us and hopefully we will soon be out there in the spring sunshine! ( ever the optimist)

We are due to go for 2pm on Wednesday 28th March.  The cost is £10.00 which is the tour and talk with tea/coffee/home made cake and biscuits.

Please let Ann know if you would like to go on this visit.


Gardening Group 2018 dates

Here is the visit list for 2018.  A couple have yet to be confirmed.


SNOWDROPS AT HOLLYHOCKS GARDEN  North street Islip nr Kidlington  OX5 2SQ

described as a plants womens small edwardian garden. £5 for visit with tea and cake.


yet to be confirmed but possibly a visit to a garden designers garden in Lime Close Drayton.



£10 for visit with tea and homemade cake.

walled garden, kitchen garden, woodlands and many spring bulbs.


To be confirmed: PRIMROSE GARDENS  Steeple Aston



large walled garden  with shaded areas, topiary, rose beds and herbaceous borders.

£10 for visit tea and home made cakes.



wonderful views from garden over windrush valley

£6.00 for visit with tea and cake


CHIVEL FARM GARDENS nr Chipping Norton OX7 5TR

£7.50 for visit and refreshment.  £5.00 to NGS tea money to local church.

SEPTEMBER 19TH 2PM ( one week earlier than normal as I am on holiday the following week)


Displays of Michaelmas daisy and asters


Tour of the Oxford botanic gardens to hopefully be arranged.  Details to follow later.


Town Hall;  pre winter social, possible quiz, yet to be decided.

Nothing for DECEMBER and JANUARY.

Gardening Group News

Well I seem to have done it again with the weather yesterday as it was a glorious autumn day for our visit to Rousham gardens.  Sadly there is a lot of illness about and only 9 members made this visit. Those of us that were there had a very enjoyable time as the  gardens were very interesting and there was still plenty of colour in the flower beds.  The house and grounds look very interesting and they do tours so I will look into this for the future.  

Our visit was enhanced by meeting up with the owner who was walking his dog.  He welcomed us to his gardens and told us to help ourselves to apples, so we did.

We also visited the really lovely church next to the garden and were lucky enough to meet a group of bell ringers.  They were from various counties and were on a bell ringing tour.  The lady I chatted with rings the bells at Ripon cathedral. It was very nice to hear the bells being rung while we were there.  They were going to ring the bells at Bladon next.

There are no tea rooms at Rousham  but picnics are allowed in the grounds and this may be an idea if we do the tour.

There are toilet facilities and many wonderful spots to enjoy a picnic.

Some of our group finished the visit with a visit to a local garden center and coffee shop.

I was not at the meeting on Tuesday but understand the slide show gave the garden group as having a snowdrop visit to Waterperry gardens.  This was incorrect as this is a trip run by Pam for everyone.  The garden group have a tour to Hollyhocks garden nr Kidlington on February 28th to see the snowdrops.  It is £5. for tea and cakes.

Our November meeting is on wednesday 29th 2pm at the town hall.  This will be an informal gathering and I would like it if you could bring Photos of either our visits or of your own gardens or anything you think will be of interest to the others.  I am hoping to have next years events calendar done by then so we can all plan well ahead.

Dont forget there is no meeting in December or January.  Ann