Combe-Blenheim Palace Parkland walk 19th February 2019. 7 miles

This was a splendid peaceful walk over field paths and tracks, parkland paths and estate drives. 17 of us commenced the walk at Combe. The walk was gently undulating over the farmland and parkland.  No matter how many times one walks on the Blenheim Estate there is always something different to see.  The bright sunshine added to the pleasure of the walk. We managed to find a fallen branch from a tree to sit on while we ate our lunch.  Several flocks of sheep were grazing on the parkland and numerous birds soaring in the sky.  Thank you to the car drivers.  Our next walk will be from Deddington on the 19th March.  Pam

We were told today of the “Harry Potter Tree”.  This beautiful, majestic, 300 year old Cedar of Lebanon tree which sits alone by a lake is where part of “Order of the Phoenix” was filmed. Harry Potter fans travel from all over the world to see the famous 55ft tall, 20ft diameter tree.

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