Cycle Ride 1st August 2017

This morning we were joined by a new member, David, who was made welcome. 7 of us rode from Carterton to Brize Norton, and then took the Burford Road, cycling past the Crocodile farm. Just past the quarry we turned left and headed towards Shilton. It had been a fairly flat ride util this point; A nice down hill ride took us into Shilton and to the ford. It was quite a challenge cycling up the hill in Shilton, some rode and some walked. At the top of the hill we turned left towards Alvescot and after a 1.1/2 miles we turned left again back into Carterton. We passed a field of Mares and their newly born foals, very cute! Reaching Carterton, the Beehive was our coffee shop. As it was quite early still, it was just beverages, except for two having packets of crisps. Our next ride will be on 5th September, 0930 from the usual car park. Pam

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