Cycle Ride 5th June 2018

This morning 5 of us gathered for a ride.  It was quite cool but we knew that we would soon warm up once we started pedalling. We decided to go to Bampton Plant centre, (more than one’s) favourite refreshment stop.  The ride there was enjoyable without any problems.  Arriving at the plant centre we were pleasantly surprised to see a new covered bicycle stand.  Entering the café, food and drinks were ordered and we sat and chatted over these. When we got back to the bike shed we found that Pam’s bike had a flat tyre. The tyre was pumped up and stayed inflated long enough to ride into Bampton square.  By this time, it was flat again, so the rest of the members cycled home, and Ian very kindly rescued me in his car.  The bike went into the repair shop for a new inner tube (the 2ndin 3 weeks).  On collection I was told that it was a faulty one that had previously been fitted. 

Saw some cuties whilst waiting to be rescued.

Thank you famous five for your concern and taking part in the ride.   Next ride is on 3rdJuly.  Pam

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