Deddington Circular Walk 19th March 2019 – The Clifton Loop

After having had to cancel our walk on 12 March, due to poor weather conditions, 16 members met to travel to Deddington.  4 other members were waiting for us when we arrived there. It was a drab  morning with large black clouds in the sky, fortunately  it did not turn to rain on the walk.

Deddington is a parish/town 6 miles south of Banbury. The parish includes two hamlets: Clifton and Hempton. Deddington is a large attractive village, built in the local dark honey-coloured Hornton stone. The main part of the village is off the main road to the east and the village is centred around the bustling Market Place, Church Street and Chapel Square.  Just to the east of the village is the site of Deddington Castle. This was a motte and bailey castle but all that remains of it now are the striking earthworks which are a public recreation area.

The first 10 minutes of the walk was on the pavements of several streets.  After this it was a totally peaceful rural walk.  There were a number of horses in the fields near to farm buildings, a field of sheep, 2 alpacas in another and 2 deer walking in the distant fields.  The terrain was easy walking and dry underfoot. Near to the end of the walk was a steep hill which everyone managed without any problems.

Thank you to the car drivers.  The next long walk is on 16th April from Chimney Meadows to the Thames. Pam

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