Eastleach Turville and Eastleach Martin (Long Walk) 17th August 2021 Approx 7 miles

Although it is only August the morning was very autumnal when 12 members met to drive to Eastleach.  We welcomed Alan to our walking group; also, it was nice to see the return of several of our routine members.

An attractive circular walk starting from the twin villages of Eastleach Turville and Eastleach Martin.  Each has a parish church although one is now redundant.  The churches face each other across the narrow River Leach.  We did not take the route over a clapper bridge into the church yard at Eastleach Martin but took the road for approx half a mile and then it was over open fields by streams, and rolling hills, followed by a long-overgrown section through a wood.  It was an undulating walk and challenging walking through long grass and nettles.  Ian, we missed you with your secateurs. Wildlife was scarce and we only saw one field of pigs, usually the fields are full of cattle, We did have a 15-minute snack break which was welcomed. The walk finished near to the Victoria Inn.  Thank you to those that joined in the walk, our next long walk is on 21st September Churchill-Cornwell circular. 

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