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At the meeting on November 26 we had a short presentation from Fiona Pleydell on recycling items that are not currently recycled by West Oxfordshire. In summary this is what was said.

Four Collection points have been set up in Carterton, to date. These are:

  1. St John the Evangelist Primary School, Bluebell Way
  2. Carterton Leisure Centre
  3. Carterton Library
  4. Humble Bumble Café, Brize Norton

There are dedicated bins for recycling collections at all these locations. If not immediately obvious, please ask a member of staff. The bins are only accessible during the normal opening hours of each location (for the school term time only).

Currently recycled are:-

  • Crisp packets and outer packaging of multi packs – any brand
  • Popcorn packets – any brand
  • Nuts and Pretzel packets – any brand
  • Biscuit wrappers – any brand
  • Cake wrappers – any brand
  • Crackers and savoury biscuits – any brand
  • Pringles tins – Branded tins only
  • Bread bags – LDPE plastic as you would find around a sliced loaf of Hovis or Warburtons – any brand
  • Sweet and chocolate wrappers – any brand
  • Empty toothpaste tubes and outer boxes – any brand
  • Used toothbrushes and packaging – any brand
  • Empty Dental floss containers and packaging (not used floss!) – any brand