Guidelines on U3A Outings and Activities

Information and Guidelines on U3A Outings and Activities

To All Members
It has come to the Committee’s notice that there is some concern about eligibility to attend U3A activities. Hopefully the following will help.
Any person interested in possibly joining the U3A may attend two Monthly General Meetings after which they must become members and pay their subscription if they wish to attend further meetings / events. Further details regarding subscriptions can be obtained from the Membership Secretary.
U3A activities are organised by U3A members for U3A members. If an eligible person wishes to attend a U3A activity then clearly they should become a member.

U3A Outings:
When booking places for U3A outings all individuals must be named and must be U3A members. 

Please Note: The U3A members insurance does not cover Community Outings.

Most Theatre Trips will be community events and only advertised at U3A but they are not related to U3A; should any person require travel insurance for these trips they are advised to take out their own.

Cheques for U3A outings should be made payable to Carterton U3A Account.

Cheques for Community outings should be made payable to Pam Howard (Trips Account on back of cheque).