History Group Outing to Faringdon

History Group visit to Faringdon – January 21st 2019
14 members of the History group visited the Pump Room in Faringdon to see a very moving exhibition, given to commemorate the ending of WW1.From his personal collection, Lord Faringdon of Buscot House had donated nursing uniforms, photographs and hospital memorabilia to the Faringdon Town Council, for the public to see for the first time.Lord Faringdon’s grandmother, Lady Violet Henderson, had become a registered Red Cross member in 1907. At the onset of WW1, she offered the Pump House in Faringdon as an auxilliary hospital. Within months it had run out of space, and was moved to her home, Kitemore House at Shillingford. The exhibition includes all the hospital records of the patients, details of their injuries and treatment. There is a register of the donations made by the public to the the hospital, and many photographs of the nursing staff and patients.  There are a few pictures of some of the nursing staff who have yet to be identified, with requests to the public to offer help in finding out who these women were.This is only a small exhibition, but reading about the exhibits, and looking at the photographs, we were transported back to those times when dedicated men fought in this war, and dedicated women cared for the injured amongst them.We followed our visit by having afternoon tea and cakes in the coffee shop next to the Pump Room.

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