History June Visit to Richard Jefferies Museum – Swindon

11 members visited the Museum in Swindon dedicated to Richard Jefferies, a Victorian author. He was born in 1848 in his family’s farmhouse near Coate Water. He wrote about nature, and published several children’s stories, illustrated by E.H Shepard. He travelled around the south of England with his family, but returned to Swindon shortly before his death at the young age of 38. The farmhouse passed through many hands before being bought by Swindon Borough Council, who in 2011, were persuaded by the newly formed Richard Jefferies Trust to turn it into a museum dedicated to the author.Our tour guide showed us many items belonging to Richard Jefferies including his writing desk, and several original manuscripts. One of their volunteers had come to offer us afternoon tea which we had in the very pleasant garden surrounded by beautiful trees, and flowers, and were entertained by several chickens looking for a snack.A very interesting Museum, and well worth another visit.Christine

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