Linear Walk Black Bourton to Brize Norton 20th August 2019 – 6 Miles

Our numbers were depleted this morning for one reason or another. 7 members only for the walk (1 thorn amongst 6 roses, these turned into sunny sunflowers later in the walk).
As the walk was linear and with so few car drivers it took some planning to leave a car at the end of the walk and still be able to transport everyone to the beginning ; It all worked out well eventually. Thank you to the car drivers Alan, Ann and Janice, also to Jane for coming to the end of the walk to help with transport.
The walk started from Black Bourton towards Bampton, and then via an incline over Lew Hill and afterwards downhill to Brize Norton. There was a small section of road walking but mostly over fields. The paths had been marked through the crops some of which had been harvested and some still waiting to be cut.
From the top of Lew Bank the panoramic views were picturesque.
It will be a walk which will be repeated in the future.
Our next long walk is on 17th September, the 2nd leg of the Wychwood Way, from Stonesfield to Lidstone. Pam

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