Long Walk 19th December 2017 – Shilton, Burford, Carterton circular

Being so close to Christmas I wasn’t sure how many walkers would turn out. There were 13 of us for part of the walk and then Mike and Alan left us at Burford. It was a frosty but bright morning. The walk started at Shilton and the terrain was crisp and even, but by the time we had got to Carterton the frost had melted and we all grew a few inches taller in the sticky mud. It was truly a beautiful morning for a walk.  Along the way we saw lots of branches that had fallen from the trees after the snow last week; walking over Burford golf course we were not able to walk on the footpath as the entire stretch of the walk was blocked. There were a number of huge birds including a heron flying above the stream just past Shilton. Towards the end of the walk we were joined by a bunch of horses, I think they were looking to be fed. Some of the stiles were extremely high and it was a challenge to cross them. The walk was about 7 miles long and was enjoyed by all. Thank you to the car drivers for your support throughout the year and to all the members of the group. Pam

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