Long Walk Ascott under Wychwood – Chadlington Circular 15 August 2017

On a beautiful morning 9 members made their way to Ascott-u-Wychwood, where the walk was to start from. 3 more met us at Ascott. The walk was advertised as 7 miles but by the time we had completed the walk, several with walking devices, decided it was 8 miles. The route took us on parts of several different walks we had previously done in the area, including crossing the railway line. Although there were some inclines it was a fairly easy walk on footpaths, over fields and a small amount of road walking. We stopped for lunch at Chadlington post office/café. Those that had taken lunch were able to picnic and buy a drink and others purchased and ate at the café. Apart from 2 horses we did not see any animals in the fields. We did see a heron and a number of other birds and lots of butterflies. Several orchards had trees laden with fruit; and we crossed a small stream by stepping-stones. 2 or 3 fields had been planted with sunflowers and these were a picture. The scenery for the whole walk was a 360° picturesque vista. In one of the fields a farmer was busy taking bales of hay from a stack and loading a trailer. Near to the end of the walk there was a hand plough on a roof with ferocious looking animals walking over it! Although the walk was longer than normal, with plenty of stops, everyone managed the walk comfortably and were pleased with their achievement. Thank you to the car drivers. Our next long walk will be on 19th September, route to be decided. Pam

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