Long Walk from Eynsham to Oxford along the Thames Footpath

Walk on 17thJuly 2018 – S1 bus to Eynsham, Walk the Thames Footpath to Oxford and return via the S1 Bus

This walk was 5 miles according to the finger post where we joined the Thames Footpath.

There were 18 of us in total, some catching the bus in Carterton, Witney and Iain and Ann meeting us at Eynsham. We welcomed Alan and Magdalen to our group. Thankfully the weather was a few degrees cooler to what it had been over the recent weeks, making it comfortable to walk in.  There were are large number of boats on the river, mainly narrow boats.  Lunch was taken sitting on the banks of the river overlooking Port Meadow.  Two horses stood in the water and (at first) if was extremely difficult to know if they were real.  They stood without moving the whole time we were eating lunch.  As people passed them they stood and looked in amazement. Eventually one moved its head and so did the other, then just continued standing there.  A swan, ducks and one duckling came very close to us.  A herd of cows walked down and into the river; and a heron was walking opposite us on the river’s edge.

Taking the path just beyond Swinford Bridge (the Toll Bridge) at Eynsham we came to the Thames Footpath which we were to follow.  Passing Eynsham Lock we were soon on a wide path which led us to a point where Wytham Great Wood descended steeply to meet the river. Next came King’s Lock and once past this we continued onwards until we walked under the Oxford by-pass bridge. Here we passed an  iron boundary marker with the ox of Oxford on top and continued to Godstow.  A minor road crossing came next and this lead us into a field where the remains of Godstow Abbey is. The wide path led us to us to Godstow Lock and then continued on with vast open grazing of Port Meadow across the river.  Passing Bossom’s Boat yard we came to Medley Bridge which we crossed and continued on the other side of the river.  A causeway lead us over a footbridge, past the backs of cottages and gardens until we came to the road at Osney Bridge.  Crossing the road was a  bus stop where we were able to catch the S1 back to Carterton.

Thank you all for your company.  This was a very social and relaxing walk with lots to keep us interested as we walked and chattered.  Pam

Our next long walk is on Tuesday 21st August at Snowshill.

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