Recent Walks Aug/Sept 2020

I do hope that you are all well.

Below I give a short write u about some of the walks I have done recently.

There are a few photos which I will put on the website to save you down loading them, they are on the U3A facebook page.

If any one would like to walk with me please let me know.

Now we can only be in groups of 6 it would be difficult to organise a walk for all, Plus we are not able to offer a lift and it would otherwise mean finding a large car parking area for all.

Over the last 2 weeks walking has been for a Challenge. One of our walking group members has organized a walking challenge to complete 184 miles (the equivalent length of the Thames Footpath) in aid of Alzheimer’s disease. (This will be walked virtually). So Hazel is collecting sponsors. I have sponsored Hazel and my challenge is to walk 80 hours so I will walk the same distance of 184 miles.  It has to be completed between 1st September and 31st October.  Some days we walk together, other days with friends.  Below is the list of walks I have completed and who with. I completed 50 miles last week and just over 50 miles this week.  If anyone would like to sponsor Hazel I can give you the link to her Just Giving page.

My walks have been round Carterton, Buckland Warren two days, Fairford, Bournemouth (favourite day), Chimney/Duxford, Bampton/Rushey Lock and Old Mans Bridge 2 days, Eastleach Martin/Turville 2 days, Buscot to Kelmscot, Alvescot/Kencot/Broadwell, Witney and Witney Lakes. 

My companions have been Steve, Hazel, Janice, John, Sue, Henry, Ian, Trefoil Guild and Ann.  Not all on the same day, I hasten to add.  We have travelled in our own cars and socially distanced.

 We have seen a variety of wild life; herons, swans, buzzards, deer, cattle, red kites.

 We needed to divert on the Buscot walk as we saw a swan swimming down river ahead of us, rounding a corner he was on the bank with his partner and a bevy of cygnets; we negotiated an electric fence and took a wide berth.

We also saw a wild swimmer on this walk at Buscot Weir.

 In no particular order are a few photos from the walks.

If you have been walking or taken part in any activities it would be good to hear from you. Pam

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