Short Walk Abingdon circular 14th May 2019

What a lovely morning for a lovely pretty walk.  18 members departed from Carterton to travel to Abingdon  for the start of the walk.  It turned out to be an interesting nature walk.  Firstly, we heard a cuckoo calling which followed us for most of the walk. There were a pair of swans with cygnets, a plump of moorhen chicks, lots of ducks on the river, geese preening themselves and a squirrel.  You will not believe that we saw a crocodile, giraffe and a heron perched high up in the trees.  There were many boats on the river, gushing water over the weirs leaving a trail of white foam.  There were not any boats going through the lock. Reflections on the river were stunning. Our walk ended in the Abbey gardens which supported a statue of Queen Victoria, and extremely pretty flower beds.  We followed the path into the town’s square where there were numerous cafes for us to sit in or outside and enjoy refreshments.  Thank you to the car drivers. Our next walk is a breakfast walk in the Witney area, leaving Carterton at 0745 with breakfast at Hacketts.