Short walk from Chadlington 11th July 2017

After having had several weeks of hot sunny weather, today was the day it started to change. After receiving a number of calls letting me know that numerous walkers were not able to join the walk, we still had a large group of 18. We were fortunate that it stayed dry until after we had returned home. We drove to Chadlington, parked up and donned on our boots. It was a very easy walk, mostly flat and the fields had been cut; not like when it was reccied. As you can imagine, with 18 members, there was plenty of chatter and laughter. It was quite an uneventful walk, no wild life to be seen and no aeroplane fly-past. The only short hill was at the end of the walk and was managed easily by all. After we had changed our boots, we all went to the village café for delicious refreshments. Thank you for your company and to the car drivers. Our next short walk will be on Tuesday 8th August at Lechlade. Pam

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