Short Walk to Black Bourton on 12th September 2017

A record of 30 members congregated for this afternoon walk. The weather was dry and sunny however rain was forecast for later in the afternoon. As you can imagine with 30 people it took us a little longer to walk the 3 miles than usual. We had been invited to Jane and Hazel’s home for tea and cake and to enjoy their garden. The cakes were soon devoured, especially Hazel’s shortbread which is well know for. The garden, as ever, was a picture. After looking round the garden, and feeling very refreshed, we started our return journey home. The group did split up with some walking at a fast pace and others more slowly. This was acceptable though as it was round the perimeter of the aerodrome where we couldn’t loose anyone. Thank you Jane and Hazel for your hospitality, we thoroughly enjoyed our visit. The next short walk will be round Blenheim Park on 10th October. Pam

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