Some of the Walks during May 2021

There have been a number of walks this month, some that we haven’t done for a while and several repeats of favourite walks.

The walks have been with members who expressed a wish to walk in groups of six; and now we can open the walks to more members and offer lifts to anyone who is comfortable doing so.

There has been another afternoon walk for those who like a shorter distance and a slower pace.  We will trial this for another 2 months and if this is well attended will build it into our monthly programme.

We have been fortunate that most of the walks have been in sunshine. The fields have been a picture with all the wild flowers, mainly cowslips, butter cups and daisies and dandelions.

I will include a selection of photographs from these walks.

Please let me know if you are ready to join the monthly walks.  Pam

Badbury Clumps

Janet and I went to see the fabulous array of bluebells; many say the best they have been in several years.


This is a favourite walk and you will have seen photos from this walk before, except for inside the Dovecote.  This is being turned into a holiday home. Fascinating.  The walls all have small recesses filled with bottles and books. There is a spiral staircase going up to the 3rd floor.

Buscot to Kelmscot

This is a 4 four-mile walk, another favourite.   A photo shows a fabulous building at Kelmscot Manor.

Little Coxwell Circular

We first walked this walk in early lockdown.  You will see a landmark of an avenue of trees’ which I find beautiful.

Minster Lovell – Witney Circular

We have not walked this route for several years.  Part of the footpath had been built on; but now a temporary footpath has been made going through the new estate.  In front of some of the properties a small park has been landscaped, we found this a very pleasant area to stop and take a break.  Ian also took us through Deer Park woods, I was impressed how this has been improved and laid out; Views across the meadows, reaching as far as the river and New Mill Witney were splendid.  Very similarly when we reached the Crawley Mill area.  Just before reaching our cars we walked through the grounds of Minster Lovell ruins.

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