Supper and Quiz Night

On Saturday 30th July 74 members filled the WI Hall for an evening of Food, Friendship and Fun. The occasion was a Fish and Chip supper combined with a Quiz wonderfully organised by our Social Committee. Tables of 6 combined their brain power to try to defeat the quiz master masquerading as our Chair, Mike Watts.

The first two rounds were table rounds to be completed whilst we all ate our supper. Round 1 required teams to identify the capital cities of 25 countries. Round 2 required the teams to identify fifteen comedy classic programs from pictures provided.

Next came 4 rounds that required teams to listen as the quiz master paced the floor asking questions. There were ten questions on Art and Literature, then ten questions on History, ten questions on Geography and finally ten Miscellaneous questions. The final round required teams to identify song and singer of 25 extracts from tunes from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Some of those extracts were so popular that teams got carried away and sang the lyrics! Thereby giving the clue to those teams that didn’t recognise the tune.

It was a fun evening for me, the quiz master, and also, it seems, for the teams. Hopefully another can be organised in a few months.

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