The Magic of the Rollright Stones Walk 19th June 2018

We were a small group this morning; 7 of us in all travelled in 2 vehicles to the start of the 5.1/4 mile walk at the pretty village of Salford.  It was a very pleasant walk across lanes, open fields, paddling through a stream, and over several stiles.  There were 2 hills to climb but other than this it was basically flat.  We saw one lone sheep in the fields and had a friendly herd of cows follow us from one end of a field to the other.  Near to the stones was “Neolithic Echoes” a woodland walk which had a picnic area and strange shapes (as they may have been in years gone by) made from the thinning of the trees; which will hopefully encourage the wildlife. Commanding a splendid position overlooking the hills and valleys of the Cotswolds, the Rollright Stones comprise the Whispering Knights, the King’s Men and the King Stone. These intriguing stones are steeped in myth and legend.  A beautiful, scenic place to visit with a great atmosphere.

We walked past a stone bench with “Ore stabit fortis arare placet ore stat” inscribed on the front of it, this translates into “O rest a bit for “tis a rare place to rest at”, see our photograph.

We had made a short detour to walk to the stones, so now we retraced our steps and joined the footpath again, which was part of the D’arcy Dalton Way, a long distant path, which several of us walked 18 months ago. Approx a mile from the stones we sat in an open field with spectacular views over the countryside to eat our lunch. After lunch the walk was through some very beautiful woods and meadows back to our cars.  Thank you to Ian and Roger for driving.  Our next long walk is slightly different by catching the S1 bus in Carterton and getting off at Eynsham, walking to Oxford along the Thames footpath and then returning on the S1 home.  Pam

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