Thrupp – Kidlington 3.5 mile circular walk 14th August 2018

19 members met at the normal car park in Carterton ready to drive to Thrupp.  We welcomed Freddie to our group and then made our way to the start of the walk.  Arriving at Kidlington we met Angela taking our number to 20.  Starting at Annie’s Tea Room,  passing to the right of  two thatched cottages, under the railway bridge and through the gate to the woods. Entering the woods, we took the  left hand path which followed the river until we reached an open field.  There are many paths going through the woods, one which has a lovely avenue of trees. We followed the path close to a hedge to White Bridge.  If we had crossed the bridge we would have gone on the walk via Hampton Poyle, but as this walk has many stiles we turned right and followed the path to St Mary’s Church at Kidlington. The route took us for a few yards on the road round the back of the church to a gateway that led us into a field with very ripe crops waiting to be harvested.  The pathway continued through several similar fields, these were also very stony. Eventually we came to the canal by The Jolly Boatman, we were able to get onto the towpath which took us back to Annie’s tea rooms.  Earlier we had let them know that we would be going back for refreshments.  The garden room was opened up for us to sit in, some sat outside but the wasps were very troublesome.  We did see the bridge lift to let a narrow boat through.  There wasn’t any wild life but there were a lot of walkers with their dogs.  A very pleasant morning.  Thank you to the car drivers.  Our next short walk will be on the 11th September, this will be a breakfast walk; leaving Carterton at 8am for Bampton, walking first and then breakfast at Bampton Plant Centre.  Pam

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