Walk at Blenheim Estate 10th March 2020

Once again we took advantage of walking round Blenheim Estate which is on tarmacked roads. 5 other favourites to walk had all been deemed unsuitable for walking due to floods or deep thick mud.  It was a pleasant morning when 11 members left Carterton to drive to Woodstock where Iain and Anne were waiting to join us.  The grounds round the lake look so very different as a large number of trees have been felled and were all neatly sitting in piles by the lake.  We were all pleased to blow the cobwebs away in the fresh air. There were the usual geese and ducks round the lakes; a swan nesting and a group of rabbits having fun jumping round a tree stump.  Numerous helicopters passed overhead. Refreshments in the tea rooms were enjoyed as well as a good natter.  Our next walk will be on 14th April and hopefully by then the ground will be drier.  Thank you to the car drivers. Pam