Walk from Burford/Capps Lodge/Swinbrook/Widford 6th and 7th April 2021

Tuesday – Ian, Janice, Steve and myself parked in the car park by the river in Burford. (Only a handful of cars were parked up).  The morning was dull and  cold but we were all wrapped up to brave the elements.  This walk had short bursts of quiet road and lane walking; fields that were very dry, thankfully; some of the fields were a challenge as they were covered in stones, and the terrain was undulating. The only wildlife that we saw were a few ducks on the river and a herd of calves in a field; several red-kites circled overhead and pheasants were spring calling from the woods. Hedgerows and gardens were very picturesque with all the blossom and spring flowers.

It was a most enjoyable and sociable walk.

Wednesday – I did the same walk as Tuesday’s, this time with Hazel, Mick and Pauline.  Apart from waking up to a light covering of snow this walk was much the same as the day before.

Thank you all for your company.  

Next Tuesday afternoon I will organise a very short walk for  members who haven’t walked for a few months.


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