Walk from Churchill to Cornwell circular approx 5.5 miles on 21st September 2021

10 members gathered in the centre of Carterton to travel to Churchill for the start of the walk and to meet 6 more members who had travelled there themselves.  

We welcomed Ann to our Group, and we were pleased to have Harold join us again.

The views on both our journeys were so clear and panoramic. 

The sun was shining and the warmth was rising by the time we started the walk.

The walk followed the course of the D’Arcy Dalton Way for most of the way.  The landscape was a broad open valley and was once used by a railway line. The hamlet of Sarsden Halt was once a stop on this railway line. As we passed through this village on our return journey, we could see some of the buildings still had the appearance of a railway theme.  

Most of the walk was on quiet roads, open farmland, village lanes and woodland tracks.

The last section of the walk was quite challenging walking on the road up a steep hill.

Thank you to our car drivers.

Our next long walk is on 19th of October – Combe-Blenheim circular.


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