Walk from Minster Lovell 8th January 18

6.5 miles walk starting at Minster Lovell 8 January 2019

On a beautiful, cool, crisp and sunny morning 13 members left the usual meeting place and made our way to Wash Meadow, Minster Lovell.  Arriving at Minster Lovell we were all taken aback with the amount of cars in the car park, in fact it was full.  Most of the vehicles belonged to contractors who were working at the Old Swan.  Six more members met us here for the walk. Mike and Alan were going to do a shorter walk and meet us later.  Although several members live in Minster Lovell they hadn’t walked the route we took. We crossed the bridge and then took a set of steep steps onto a track besides a hedge.  At the end of the hedge was a lovely memorial to the husbands of 3 of our members; bulbs had been planted and the memorial is maintained by  the 3  widows who live in Minster Lovell.  A moving tribute. The terrain was relatively dry with a few undulations.  Short sections of road walking made up part of the walk, one passing Worsham Mill.  A short steep downhill was not  as slippery as expected and was successfully navigated by all.  After 2 or 3 fields we emerged onto the road and this was the final section of the walk back to our cars and mysterious Minster Lovell.

Thank you to all those that came on the walk and to the car drivers.  Our next long walk is on 20th February Coombe/Blenheim Palace Parkland. Pam

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