Walk New Yatt circular on Tuesday 17th October 2017 approx 6.5 miles

It was a lovely morning for our walk. The previous day the weather had been so turbulent and eerie, and quite unnerving at times, especially with the colour of the sun and the very dark, low clouds. Fourteen walkers left Carterton and parked up in New Yatt, here Steve was waiting to join us. Two of the walkers who only wanted a short walk left us and did their own walk. The walk included some quiet road walking, riverside and field paths. The views from Stonesfield common were beautiful with the autumn colours; several bridges crossed little streams and the river. We crossed a bridge over the Oxford-Worcester railway line, where men were at work on the line. In the fields around Northleigh and its church, there were many horses grazing in the fields. The route had a few short inclines but nothing to steep. We welcomed Jeff and Miriam to our group and took it in turns to have a chat with them on our journey. We stopped several times to take a drink and snack but didn’t have a lunch stop. Thank you for coming on the walk and to the cars driver. Our next long walk will be on 21st November, route tbd. Pam

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