Walk on 28th October 2020 – Buckland – Hinton Waldrist circular

After postponing the walk on Tuesday, 4 members met on Wednesday  at Buckland for the start of the walk. Hazel was the only one that had completed the walk previously.  It was a dry morning with rain promised for midday.  Starting off on the road we soon came to a grassy lane which was quite firm underfoot, we followed this for some distance until we reached the village of Duxford.  On this stretch of the walk there was only one place where floods could have been a problem, but we managed to navigate round it.  The fields all around us were flooded; this was not from the river but just saturated ground.  From Duxford there was a mile or so walking on a quiet road until we came to Hinton Waldrist.  Although this was a small village it had an enormous vicarage with at  least a dozen chimneys.  A little more road walking until we reached a footpath which led us over fields and then into a wood.  Exiting from the wood  was onto the verge of the A420.  After about 50 yards we were back on footpaths and lanes; this is where we saw our first wildlife ie a field of sheep and then a buzzard in flight which landed in trees and then took off and swooped down onto a ploughed field.  We were nearing the end of the walk with approx 20 minutes to reach our cars, the sky was getting very dark and with 10 minutes to go the heaven’s opened and the  blowing wind was very strong, needless to say we got soaked.  Apart for the last 10 minutes it was a lovely walk with extensive views.  It will be on our list to do again in the summer.

Thank you Hazel for leading the walk.  Pam

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