Walking Group news 13th and 14th July

There were 2 walks last week.

On Tuesday was the short and/or long walk. It was from Carterton round the perimeter to Black Bourton. We visited Jane and Hazel’s garden to enjoy cake and drinks and to admire their well-stocked and pretty garden. Hazel and Jane then offered a lift back to Carterton for those that wanted one, while the remainder retraced our steps back to Carterton. It was a very warm day with rain threated at the time of our return walk. We did have a short sharp shower but didn’t get too wet.

On Wednesday 14th we met at Farmoor Reservoir and walked 2.4 miles round the large reservoir.  It was another hot day but with a gentle breeze which made it more comfortable.  There were children enjoying sailing lessons,  geese, ducks, coots and Cormorant’s aplenty.

When we finished the walk ice creams and beverages were enjoyed sat looking out over the water.

2 days of enjoyable walks.

Thank you to all those that came.  Pam

Jane and Hazel’s

Farmoor Reservoir

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