Walks since Monday 1st June plus 1 Photo from Margaret

Geoff and Janet – We too went for a walk at Sherborne yesterday it was very quiet and only three cars in car park, a very enjoyable peaceful walk.

Pam – Monday, with a friend, walked from Kelmscott to Radcot along the river bank. It was a warm morning and peaceful. Lots of moored boats on along the banks. 2 rowers and 2 boats moving on the river. More ducks, swans and geese with their young. The gardens at Grafton Lock were very pretty and well kept. Radcot Cottage had a beautiful display of roses along a wall. Walked through 2 fields of heifers grazing. We passed several pillboxes. We noticed a number of aircraft including 3 helicopters in formation. The circular walk was 6 miles with the terrain being flat and even. 

Harold – Also went to Kelmscott but late afternoon

Stayed for an hour looking for a sighting of the Kingfishers. One left the nest at speed but did not return within the hour I was there.

My attention was drawn to swans and an abundance of Dragon / Damsel Flies – photos all taken where the path from Kelmscott meets the river.

Harold – Sherborne is a favourite location of mine – discovered on my first HF appointment at Bourton in 2002. The harder of 3 walks started at Sherborne car park and continued on to Burford via the estate and village, Windrush village and the Barringtons, Westwell and Holywell and up to Burford via the back of the golf course.

Since Springwatch a few years ago, I now go to Sherborne Brook (the low bridge, ford and mini weir) for bird watching and sketching etc. Snapped this swan on the last visit climbing up the weir after its mate did the same.

The Springwatch team used this location for underwater shots of fish. During time off they chilled out at the Sherborne village cafe / post office.

I did the Shilton circuit walk early evening yesterday. Was overtaken by a few joggers and a few people were bathing in the ford but otherwise quiet.

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