Walks w/c 13th July 2020

Last week’s walks were a number of short ones, fitted in when I and walking friends were free to meet?

On Monday my sister came out of shielding and wanted to do a short walk. As she lives in Witney we walked round Burwell Meadow, round The Lake and the Leys. It was great that my grandson joined us as well.   On Tuesday Steve and I walked Kens Farm-Shilton circular.  I hadn’t done this walk for several weeks but it was lovely walking through the fields of golden barley shimmering in the breeze and then a contrast of the Linseed fields in pale blue.  I now know that the extension at Kens Farm is an Orangery, looking very nice to.  John my squash partner was short of time on Wednesday so it was 3.5 miles at Bampton; however we did that quite quickly and did a 2nd 3.5 mile walk afterwards. Thursday Janet and I walked at Sherborne, thank you Janet for taking the photos and doing the write up.  Friday my sister visited me and I introduced her to Willow Meadow and we indulged in a coffee and bun afterwards.  Saturday my friend Ann and I walked round Horcott Lakes 101/a/b and 102/ 103. Next time we will walk round Lake 104.  The Lakes were very calm and were without many ducks and swans.  There were a number of fishermen relaxing by their tent shelters.  Some of the  blackberry shrubs were in flower and some and berries were ripening.  Apple trees were laden with their fruit, some starting to colour.  The river by Dillys Bridge was low but pretty.  Walking back into Fairford High Street we stopped at a café for refreshments, very nice cakes!

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