Walks week 15th June 2020

Last week was another enjoyable week walking.  Monday I walked in Witney and found a few footpaths I hadn’t walked before.  Tuesday it was Sherborne.  The walk was through the woods on the path where the statues are, until we came to a road which we crossed and made our way over several fields, heading in the general direction of Clapton on the Hill. Reaching another road we turned back towards Sherborne until we reached North Barn where they run the Spring Watch programmes from.  Carrying on from here we walked through some of the water meadows eventually arriving in Sherborne village.  The shop/café was open so we were able to purchase a coffee and my partner bought a Cornish pasty; we enjoyed these sitting on some steps before continuing our walk back through the estate, passing the ice house to arrive back at our cars parked at Ewe Barn. Apart from the views and wild flowers, the only other different interest was a cheeky blackbird that sits in the garden at the shop, he sings non-stop until someone feeds him.  The terrain was reasonable with one long gradual incline.

On Wednesday Steve and I did the Barrington-Windrush Walk.  Starting at Barrington we passed the Great Park with its herd of deer sitting under the trees. The 360o  views were magnificent.  The terrain was fairly even but very undulating.  The wild flowers were a picture and were covered in so many butterflies; the poppy fields were glorious (one of my favourite flowers).  A horse and donkey were being fed and numerous fields had sheep and lambs grazing in them.  The walk went past the Windrush Corn Mill with its flowing babbling water; and some old farm buildings.

There were so many birds that Steve was pleased he had taken his binoculars and was able to identify yellow hammers, blackbirds, thrushes, tits, kites and saw several more that he couldn’t identify.

On the wet days Willow Meadow and the wider Carterton were walked.

Steve and I have this morning been for a 5 mile walk from Buscot to Kelmscot circular.  It was a lovely straight forward walk but oh so hot.  Even I was pleased to get back to our cars. If anyone is thinking of going to Buscot today I can tell you the 2 car parks and all down the lane towards the lock were full.  The river bank and orchards near to the lock had so many families picnicking and surprisingly lots of people swimming in the river, adults included. Certainly, a warm sunny day hotspot.  Enjoy the sunshine and stay safe and well.

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