What Groups have been doing …

What Groups have been up to in the last month:

From Jan to the calligraphy group

Have to confess I’ve hardly put calligraphy pen to paper since lockdown – have been busy though with other “stuff”. But I do have a project which will entail some decent handwriting so I’ll get round to it eventually. You might have all been practising so hard that you won’t need to be taught any more……☹️

From Rosemary re Grape Friends 

Grape Friends are ‘meeting’ on Zoom every Tuesday which is great fun.  

We drink whatever we have to hand mainly red wine and G&T all with nibbles.  Mike had an old quiz which we enjoyed on Tuesday and Val volunteered to set one for next week.  (Only one of our number is unable to join us as their tablet needs upgrading and she wants to wait until she can get to her friend in Witney who fixes her computer problems.)

Mike and I are also members of the computer Zoom group again great fun.  

From Mike Watts – Digital Photography

Digital photography group has met online, via Zoom, once at the start of this month.  Also, communication using Facebook or Email.  Photographs submitted have been posted on Facebook or the website.  A weekly meeting has been started, first such meeting will be tomorrow.

From Alan – his Hobby


Lofting the sails and two up.

From Maureen – Darts Group

I am keeping in touch with my darts team by phone

and they all seem to be coping well. 

From Kathy – Discussion

The discussion group had a meeting on Zoom and I need to arrange another.

From Rosemary H – Book Reading

Our Book Reading Group have been in frequent contact by phone and by over the wall chatting when we are in their area on our walks.

From Hazel – Table Tennis

As you know I have emailed the table tennis group a few times and have had replies and everyone seems to be okay. I have used Zoom for church but have had a few hiccups with it but usually fine.

From Diane Burns – Scrabble

I keep in touch with the Scrabble group by e-mail. Not everyone replies but those that do seem to be keeping themselves busy and entertained as best they can. 

From Pam – Walking and Cycling

Keeping in touch by email and telephone.  Enjoying hearing about their cycle rides and walks.

From Pam – Outings

All outings Cancelled for 2020 with the exception of the Christmas Market which is Pending.

 From Terry – Bowls

Not be in contact since initial email

From Jenny – Art

As far as I am aware all 8 members of Art Group are OK. I get in touch once a month and set a subject to paint. I ask for paintings and feedback. Apart from paintings by one member all others say they have been so busy they have no time to pick up a paintbrush.

The two contributions are on the subject “View from my window”.

From Olive – Book Group 2

Book Group 2 is alive and kicking despite our last meeting being at the end of February. We are in telephone contact on a weekly basis and all remain fairly cheerful. One of our group celebrated her 90th birthday on the 29th March in isolation but two of us saw her at a distance when we delivered cards and cake. She saw her family briefly and said she had thoroughly enjoyed her day. We all look forward to meeting up with each other again when possible.

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