Winchcombe Station to Toddington Station Walk 18th September 2018

5 Miles

It was a lovey morning when 14 of us set off for Winchcombe Station.  Mike had kindly offered to be one of the drivers to Winchcombe and then, wouldn’t walk, but would drive to Toddington and wait to take the car drivers to retrieve their cars at the finish of the walk.  It was a walk where we were able to use 3  different facilities and to purchase refreshments, if wished. The walk was gently undulating over, tracks, fields lanes, and quiet roads, some of which were near to the railway line.  Unfortunately, there was a mystery /scenic route for about ¾ mile in the middle of the walk, but we eventually we found where we should have been. We stopped at Hayles Fruit Farm where some bought refreshments others ate their own lunches. Several bought freshly picked fruits from the farm shop.  Suitably refreshed we continued the walk past Hailes Abbey, which is steeped in history and worth a visit.  It has its own museum and headphones are supplied when you visit.  After a  short road walk we  followed a track into  Didbrook, with its bright red telephone box,  a small green with seats placed round the trunk of a very large tree.  Continuing on the road for 200 yards and then climbing a stile, we were entered a field next to the railway line.  There were bridges to cross, cattle grazing in the fields, and sweetcorn crops that had grown very tall.  Next came a ridge-and-furrow field from the days of medieval strip farming; the ridges are the result of generations of ploughing from the centre outwards, using oxen. Three more stiles to cross and we were at Toddington Station.  Mike was waiting to take the car drivers to pick up their cars, the remainder had another coffee and slice of cake.

An enjoyable walk on a lovely day with good company.  Thank you to the car drivers especially  to Mike for doing all the “ferrying”.  Pam

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