Wychwood Way 2nd Section Walk – Stonesfield to Lidstone – 6 miles on 17 September 2019

There 18 members for this walk.  3 cars went down early to leave at the end of the walk ready to transport car drivers later to the beginning of the walk.  This took a large amount of organising.  When Ian and I recced the walk, as we entered Lidstone there was a large oil tanker filling up a tank right in the middle of the road holding us up for about 30 minutes. We were unable to find a place to park our cars near to the walking route, resulting in us walking about a mile extra and this was all up steep hills. For the actual walk I contacted a very kind farmer who allowed us to park in his yard. We started with a short road walk from the Ridings to a broad track passing through woodland.  From here the route and terrain were good and practically went in a straight line, through valleys and woods, following the Saltway.  Two minor roads were crossed and then we were passing between lodge houses into Ditchley Park. At this time of the year the hedgerows and grass were quite tall; in between the gaps we were treated to panoramic views over the Evenlode Valley.  We soon reached Lidstone which is where our cars were left.  Car drivers were transported back to their cars and in turn came and picked the remaining walkers.  A big thank you to all the car drivers.  Our next long walk on 15th October will be the 3rd section of the Wychwood Way from Lidstone to Chadington, approximately 6 miles.  Pam

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