3rd stage of Wychwood Way walk from Chadlington to Ascot-u-Wychwood – 5 miles on 21st January 2020

There were 12 members for this walk. Ian and Pauline left early to leave a car at the end of the walk.  The remainder of us journeyed in two cars to Chadlington where the walk was starting from.  By the time we had put on our boots and were ready to walk the sun shone  in the beautiful blue sky, making the frosty ground sparkle. The walk was interesting in as much as we saw a fairly new born lamb, rabbits, snowdrops, tiny birds in the hedge rows and farm poultry.  We came across the starting point for a hunt and this caused great excitement.  Quite a number of very well groomed horses and very well dressed riders gathered on part of the route we were walking.  The hounds were out with the lead huntsman in his red jacket.  Stewards were at the gateway at the beginning of the meet and we wondered if they were expecting saboteurs.  The Police helicopter was also circling overhead for a considerable time.

The walk itself was out in the countryside, gently undulating in places and quite firm under foot due to the frost. It was an exhilarating walk. The walk finished at the Swan Inn Ascot where we were able to buy a drink and sit outside and eat our packed lunch.  A land rover pulled up into the car park and Jeremy Clarkson got out and took 2 sacks of potatoes into the Inn. Thank you to the 4 car drivers.  The next long walk will be on the 18th February – this will be a different walk to that advertised as Pam will be on Jury Service.  Pam 

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