Future Meetings

Our full meetings take place on the 4th Tuesday of each month at the Carterton Community Centre. The meeting starts at 2:00pm with notices followed by a talk given by a guest speaker on a subject of general interest. This is followed with tea/coffee and biscuits and a chance to chat.

Prospective members are offered TWO free visits to any of our general meetings. Come along – you will be sure of a warm welcome!

  • June Monthly Meeting

    25th June 2024

    Guest Speaker:  Ben Nicholls                  Finding Grandad’s global family When, at the age of 24, I discovered that my grandad had had four children with three different women over a period of 40 years, I felt a mission coming on! I had always known my dad and had heard about Uncle Bob but the other two…

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  • July Monthly Meeting

    23rd July 2024

    Guest Speaker:  Nicholas Minshull         Humorous talk on problems arising from badly written wills

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  • August Monthly Meeting

    27th August 2024

    Guest Speaker: Tim Barney                    Mad, bad & dangerous -  military ideas & inventions “I say Number One, my end is diving…what the hell is your end doing?” So enquired a worried officer on board a British ‘K’ Class submarine, one of the many unsuccessful designs that feature in this entertaining talk. The narrative explores a…

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  • September Monthly Meeting

    24th September 2024

    To be advised

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  • October Monthly Meeting

    22nd October 2024

    Guest Speaker: Robin Burton                 Our heritage of  traditional songs. This talk looks at our English heritage of traditional song. It looks at the process which creates “traditional” song. It also looks at how we so nearly lost this heritage and how it was rescued from oblivion.

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All meetings of any group, or whole u3a, can be posted here. They will be publicised to the whole u3a but also tagged to the specific group. Group Leaders are encouraged to either update their meeting information themselves or to inform the website editors who will post the information for them. If your group has no meeting information get your Group Leader to provide it!