Visit To RAF Brize Norton to see Rapunzel

On a bitterly cold evening 23 members were escorted on RAF Brize Norton to watch Rapunzel.

Rapunzel was born a princess and was snatched by Gothel a sorceress who raises her in an isolated tower so she can use Rapunzel's long golden hair to stay young. Then, one day a prince arrives to the area and hears Rapunzel singing from the tower. He is entranced by her voice and drawn to see what the source of it is. 

Eventually, he manages to find his way into the tower, and he and Rapunzel fall in love, eventually live happy ever after.

Of course there was a Dame and lots "oh no it isn’t/oh yes it is".

Part of the cast were children who did well with their acting, singing and dancing.

An enjoyable evening out. Pam